Credit Card Tracking

I looked around and only found limited info credit card tracking. And by this I mean in the overall workflow where and how would I track credit expenses in such a way that I can see them as how I paid for something, like a bill or a service.

I would want them to show up in reports so I know “that’s how I paid for this item”. It may be a recurring expense or a one off. But if I can’t see it reflected anywhere, I’ll have no record of having that expense covered and accounted for.

For clarity, I’m using Excel, and working under the assumption that all of this will have to be done manually (maybe not all accounts, nut most). Entering transactions, rewards credits, etc.

Sorry if I missed this somewhere. Thankd for the help

Hey @markv68, can you clarify? It sounds as if you want to see which account a transaction is associated with. This is shown for each transaction on the Transactions sheet. Which sheet are you looking at?

Right, that’s what I want so that info makes it into reports, and I know how something was paid for.

Since I was just getting started with Tiller, I was trying to get insight into the data feed reliability, so I just connected my main bank account. Now, I’m going to start manually entering what doesn’t get pulled in and I’m going to add a couple of additional accounts and see how those work.

I still don’t understand what your question is.

The way Tiller works is you add all your accounts used to pay for things - checking, credit cards, etc. and Tiller pulls all the individual transactions into your worksheet and then there are many ways to track those transactions.

Add those additional accounts and have fun!