Debt Planner: Wrong Order for Snowball Model

Great catch, @branadonshutter. I was able to reproduce this and discovered the the loan ordering formula in cell X3 was sorting the loans based on “Starting Balance” where it should be using “Current Balance”. I have fixed this and published an updated master in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

Regarding the actuals, I’m not able to reproduce this problem. To get an actual to show in the Debt Planner, you need to create a category in the Categories sheet with a category name that exactly matches the account name in your Balance History sheet. You also need to configure the Track column to “Debt” for the new category.

You need to categorize a transaction in the current month in the Transactions sheet with the debt-type category. And, finally, you need to have an Account column in your Transactions sheet and the name of the account in that column must match the category name.

If all of the conditions above are true, you should see the present-month actuals. Let me know if this works.

Thanks for the catch on the snowball model.

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