Docs: Monthly Budget Calendar (Excel)


The Monthly Budget Calendar is a minimalist spending tracker and monthly budget for Microsoft Excel— there is also a Google Sheets version. :wink:

Set your monthly spending target, track your daily and cumulative spending, and see how much you have left before the end of the month – or before you hit your spending target.

Because the Monthly Budget Calendar is powered by Tiller Money Feeds, it shows your actual daily transactions. This free template can now be installed in Google Sheets with the Tiller Community Solutions extension.

:mega: Shoutout to @jpfieber for his work porting this template from Sheets to Excel!


  1. Confirm that you have Excel Tables implemented in your workbook.
  2. Download the workbook containing the Monthly Budget Calendar v1.01 to your local hard drive.
  3. Open the downloaded XLTX file and also the workbook you’d like to install the template into.
  4. In the Monthly Budget Calendar workbook, right click on the Monthly Budget Calendar sheet tab and click “Move or Copy…”.
  5. In the dialog, choose the destination workbook in the “To book” dropdown and check the “Create a copy” checkbox, then click OK.

Additional Support Content

For background and instructions on this template, refer to the documentation on the looks-like, works-like Google Sheets version.


  • v1.01 on March 10, 2023: Fixed bug affecting functionality of uncategorized-transaction options— “All Withdrawals” and “Withdrawals :no_entry_sign:Transfers” and added version number
  • v1.00 on March 9, 2023: Initial release

Questions and Feedback

Share your questions and feedback below.

The Monthly Budget Calendar is just what I have been looking for. Unfortunately I have not been able to link the worksheet to my Tiller data because the “edit links” button is greyed out and not accessible in the data ribbon. Any suggestions? I have added and linked other worksheets previously, but I am at a loss now.

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Good question. We shared this one as an XLTX file and, for me, the Edit Links step has not been necessary.

Can you see that the formulas are still pointing to data in the external sheet?

The calendar

is not working as it’s returning errors.

I just installed it in a new workbook and it worked for me, @adekunledauda.

  • Yes I have Excel Tables
  • Did you 1. “Move or Copy…” then “Create a copy”? YES
  • Did you see this dialog and click “Yes to All”? YES
  • Photo attached.

It’s odd that the active month in the top left corner of the image is returning an error. Can you look into that?

What would you like me to look at? The cell formula in R5 is =DATEVALUE(J2 & " 1, " & J1) . Not sure the reason for the error.

Do the date settings in J1 and J2 look reasonable? What happens if you temporarily type over the formula (undo after) in R5 with a date like “1/1/2023”?


I’m facing the same #VALUE! error when I added the template to my worksheet. Need help to resolve this.


Can you unhide the columns over on the right, @jayesh.sanghani, like I suggested to @adekunledauda, and see if there are any errors on that half of the sheeet?

The monthly budget calendar (Excel) is really nice and useful. A nice addition, if possible, would be a matrix which has the months of a year and a user could input their projected monthly net income. Although we can use an average, those paid every 2 weeks will encounter two months a year with greater income and 10 with lower income against a straight annual average orthose being paid 2x per month. Thank you

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Thanks for your suggestions here!

I’m getting this same problem. Reading to see if there is a solution available.

That Excel Edit Links workflow is pretty fussy. It’s a shame.

Are you sure the data is linking to external data, @pathocyte? I just went through steps (including clicking “Create a copy”) and the workflow linked to my local data.

This is really cool. Thank you for the awesome work and sharing.

I have 1 question though.
2024 isn’t showing up in the year dropdown.
I opened up the hidden columns and changed the active month to 1/1/2024.
Is that all I need to do to make sure that the calendar is showing Jan 2024?

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Thanks for letting us know.

@jpfieber does this template need any version updates for 2024?

The Data Validation on cell L1 needs to be updated to include 2024. You can either select that cell, go to Data Validation in the Data menu and add 2024 to the “Source” list, or I’ve updated it in the shared template, so you can reinstall and it will now be included.


Cool. Thank you @jpfieber.
You learn something new every day. Or in this case, I have learned how to use data validation.
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Glad that was helpful @Ramona !