Docs: Tags Report (Excel)


Tags are a great way to organize your financial data. Now, you can easily add the Tags Report sheet with a few manual steps.

The Tags Report:

  1. Lists the tags you’re using on your Transactions sheet.
  2. Shows you the sum amount for transactions that use that tag.
  3. Gives a total count of the transactions using that tag.
  4. Offers a tag dropdown to show you transaction details for a specific tag.
  5. Provides a summary of the categories where that tag is used for a transaction.
  6. Shows the total count of transactions using the selected tag organized by category.
  7. Offers custom date range tag review

This Tags Report template is also available for Google Sheets.

How to Install the Tags Report

  1. Download the Tags Report workbook .
  2. Follow these instructions to copy the downloaded template into your Excel workbook and to connect the formula references to your local workbook data.
  3. Add a new column called “Tags” to your Transactions sheet.

Tagging Transactions

The Tags Report comes to life after you start tagging transactions on the Transactions sheet. The Tags on the Transactions sheet are distinct from those you can also use on the Categories sheet.
Read more about using Tags on categories.

You can use a single tag or multiple tags for a transaction.

To use multiple tags for a single transaction simply separate each tag with a comma (preferably) with no space in between the tags.

How to use the Tags Report

After you’ve tagged some transactions you can start building analysis on the Tags Report sheet. You should see the list of tags you’ve used so far populate into the All Tags list starting in cell A10.

You can then select a tag from the dropdown list in the middle of the Tags Report to review all transactions associated with your selected tag and get a summary of the total amounts and counts of the tag used organized by category.

Customize the date range if you only want to view data for a specific time range or you can choose “All Dates” to see all tagged transaction data.


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:mega: Shoutout

Many thanks to @alan.heatherley for his work porting the original Google Sheets version to Excel.

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I :heart: it! Thank you @alan.heatherley for porting this to excel for us.

I do have 1 question though regarding @randy information about tagging transactions.

Before downloading the Tags Report, I already had a tags column. Each tag is separated with a comma AND a space. Even using a space, the totals appear to be correct. Should I be concerned and change all of my current tags so that there is only a comma separating the tags, without the space?

At their most basic, the formulas that identify the tags SPLIT() on commas. Better implementations also TRIM() leading and trailing whitespaces. The most robust convention is to not use leading or trailing whitespaces… but, if it is working, I wouldn’t worry about it, @ramona.

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