Envelope/Zero Sum Budgeting

Hi @liban,

Sorry for the confusion. The “Tiller Budget” is our envelope budgeting tool that’s available via the Tiller add-on and is separate from the Tiller Foundation Template, our default, official template.

The Tiller Budget (via Tiller add-on) is primarily supported here in the community.

The fresh install steps you did give you a new start with those envelope features. The Foundation Template doesn’t offer envelope budgeting. You’d then need to use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on (a 3rd add-on) to feed data into your Tiller Budget sheet. It should already be in your Google Sheet and that’s what creates the Transactions, Balance History, and Categories sheets.

You can use the Tiller Labs add-on to get the Insights sheet into that template, but not the Monthly/Yearly views that are available in the Tiller Foundation Template - these are separate templates/budgeting styles. You can read a comparison here:

Finally, if you’ve already spent a bunch of time creating categories and categorizing transactions in the Foundation Template you can use the Tiller Labs add-on Migration Helper to move the categories and categorized transaction data to the new Google Sheet.

In summary,

  1. use the Tiller add-on to create a envelope budget
  2. Use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to feed data to your sheet
  3. Use the Tiller Labs add-on to install Insights sheet and migrate your enriched data

Hopefully that clarifies a bit.