Gross Income, Gross Bonus, and Savings Bucket

I feel like this is a simple question. I am using the savings budget template and I track my gross income (base salary, bonus, etc…) I also track my taxes for my gross income as an expense. I receive my bonus in March and show a budget item for that bonus. When the bonus gets paid I true up the budgeted bonus amount with my actual bonus amount so they match. Since this is a surplus my cash flow is positive and I would like to allocate that positive cashflow to savings bucket as well as a couple budget categories like travel and skiing.

I am not sure the best way to do this and getting a little confused. I thought about making a savings bucket and then doing a budget transfer from gross income to that bucket, but then I think that would mess up the income side because the "available would be negative. I have thought about adjusting the budget amount to something lower than then the actual and then doing a budget transfer for the difference.

Look forward to thoughts and suggestions.