How many of you all offset any savings transactions with your net cash flow?

I have a graph that keeps a rolling sum of my net cash flow (income minus expenses). My Tiller sheet exclusively has my checking and all my credit cards. The reason I have this setup is so that I can monitor my cash coming IN and OUT of my checking which gives me my net. I have been debating on having any transactions of money that flow out of my checking and into my savings or investment accounts count against my cash flow thus doing a zero balance type of setup. I’m not sure if this makes sense to do or not. I know this is overthinking it but wanted to find out if anyone does something similar.

I’m not sure this answers your question, but I code all transactions from accounts I own to other accounts I own as Transfer. They are then ignored from reports because Transfer is set to Hide on the Categories tab.

If you’re trying to differentiate your regular cashflow, say monthly, from significant one-time expenses for large items for which you have saved money… There may be a better way. I code these expenses into a Special Savings category or a better yet an expense category that has a special savings group. For example, Auto for regular auto expenses. Auto Purchase grouped as a special savings expenses.

I keep 2 types of savings accounts… One is for free casflow to use in my zero sum budget for the year (i e. a buffer or overall cash rollover for use later in the year for budgeted large or infrequent expenses). This I configure as a transfer so I can monitor the build up of spendable cash flow for later in the year. The other type of savings is not for spending within my budget year… Eg buildup of an emergency fund or other longer term saving goal. These I count as an expense where available cash is reduced: I track those expenses separately from other expenses as part of savings goal targets. I hope that made sense. This is for current year budget specifically, not of course net worth.