How to add average column to pivot table?

Is there a way to add an average column to a pivot table I’ve created? I am hoping to see average monthly expense per category and group for fully-complete months only.

Hi @hbwilliams22,
This sounds like it should be an easy thing to do. But I haven’t found an easy answer. Perhaps someone else has a better solution. But I do have something you might try.

It looks like pivot tables in Google sheets don’t give you the ability to do this.

What you could do is manually add an average formula to each cell in Column M. But you would need to move it to Column N the next month, and keep moving it ever month. Not ideal.

The formula would be:
Put that in M3 and fill it down the rest of the column.

Each month, you would need to change the second value to the Column letter of the last month.
So it October, it would be:

I tried to solve this using the ARRAYFORMULA() function, so you would only need to enter the formula in 1 cell. But average() doesn’t work in ARRAYFORMULA().