How to Add Category Groups in Tags Report?


What is the most preferred way to add a “Groups” column in the Tags Report worksheet? I have the categories by default, but want to use the Category Group to make life easier for my tax person (we use conflicting category names, but the groups align).


Hi @pcmccollum ,

Sorry for the delay here.

I’m not totally sure on how to add groups to the Tags report, but you might consider adding Tags to the Categories sheet and then use the Category Rollup report for the tax reporting.

I just did a webinar on this which you can review the resources for here

And here is a most streamlined version:

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You could add a lookup from your Tags Report through the selected category (in the Transactions sheet) back to the category-group from the Categories sheet, but this approach isn’t really that sound since tags can be applied to multiple categories— essentially, a single transaction tag could map to multiple category groups.

In the end, I think @heather has the right approach, @pcmccollum.

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Thank you both for the suggestions. I was unaware of the Category Rollup report which is fantastic in its own right. Appreciate it!

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