Missing some American Express Transactions in September


Glad that helped with rearranging columns.

If the transactions are showing in the new spreadsheet then they are in our database.

If you have clicked the Fill button in the Tiller Money Feeds add-in sidebar in the original spreadsheet AND confirmed that they’re not just sorted out of order your fastest resolution is to manually copy/paste them from the new/test sheet.

To triple check they’re not just hiding in the original sheet, you can copy the Transaction ID for those transactions from the new/test sheet and then do a CTRL+F to search for the Transaction IDs in the original sheet. Make sure the Transaction ID column is not hidden before searching.

I would not be able to diagnose on a call why they didn’t make it into the original spreadsheet and we don’t offer live video/phone support at this time.

I still am wondering if you recognize that there is a problem in the fill process. And are you working on solving this issue? It seems to me that is the long term solution.

@buzzmaster1 , I know your gut is telling you the problem is with Tiller’s workflow (I’ve definitely felt the same way with other services I’ve had problems with), but it sounds like Tiller isn’t getting similar reports from other users, which make it less likely to be true. As a tech support person, I can confirm the importance of the troubleshooting steps @heather is suggesting. Confirming those steps helps push the process forward, possibly to a step that helps reveal the issue. I’ve had issues that I was certain were due to bugs on the backend of the system I was using and was humbled to find I was wrong after following the suggested troubleshooting steps. Give the process a chance, it’s likely the only way to prove there’s an issue on the backend, if that happens to end up being the case.

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Of course. I have done every trouble shooting step. There are a variety of reasons reports may not becoming in. I am convinced that the Fill logic needs to be more robust.


EDIT: It looks like you have reached out to the team and I’ll follow up via the existing thread :slight_smile: Thanks for the continued feedback here @buzzmaster1.

We definitely don’t want to have bugs with the fill in Excel so I will do my best to figure out if there is anything else we can find that would be causing those to not have appeared in your first sheet when you originally filled it.