NEW report needed budget to actual report by quarter or running YTD

hi all

new to Tiller but very happy so far.

I am running my home like a small business
so i would like to run a report similar to the Monthly Budget report BUT

where i can see Year to Date budget to actual so I can see January through March 2024 for example.

looked in prior conversations and did not see this addressed yet.

thanks in advance for your help


Welcome, I’m making the following recommendations based on the assumption that you are using google sheets. If not these may be different.

A template that comes to mind is the Docs: Year-to-Date Comparison Sheet

There is also the Period Comparison Template the documentation on that one is a bit wierd but its available in the tiller community solutions add-on.

thanks - i will down load and check these out and report my results. first glance it looks promising. i am using Google Sheets

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I’d like the same report. Like the “Yearly Budget” but quarterly. Spending trends doesn’t really do it since it’s not in the same order as the live P&L.