Recurring bill and income reminders

There is just one small change I’ve made to my setup. I created a little credit card section at the top that I linked to my current balances using a VLOOKUP formula. I enter any payments I’m making in the column next to the balance, I have a total at the bottom that I linked to a row in the one-time payment section. Other than that, I’ve used it just as I set it up a year ago! It’s the sheet I use most often.


I’ve been using the Projected Balances Spreadsheet and I’m very happy with it. It has allowed me to be finally done with Quicken. I made the changes Betty recommended and added a field for the minimum balance date using the Index and Match functions.

I also made a slight change to Betty’s credit card statement as I use AMEX extensively and pay if off every month. I added a field that takes the AMEX current balance and subtracts the amount of the current payment (which effectively last months bill) that comes from the Monthly Recurring Transactions field. This allows me to see my daily balance on my AMEX account.

Quite pleased with this functionality.

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I know this is an old ‘how-to’ - but it’s helped me heaps!! @wadivergal I’ve done what you suggested, created a ‘reoccuring transactions’ sheet, and in there entered in all my known upcoming bills / payments / income. I used the migratation tool and put them all into my transaction sheet. All these manual transactions have this in the Metadata column - {"manualTransaction":{"reconcile":true,"ignoredIds":[]}} I put in a few transactions that I know have already happened too - that are already in my transactions sheet. I then run the Reconcile Transactions Tool - but it’s not finding any matches.

For example - I thought these 2 transactions would match in the tool.

I can see @heather that it looks like the data i’ve got in Week is incorrect, I used the array formula :frowning: any suggestions?