Reviewing/Clearing/Reconciling Transactions Workflow

Hey all,

I am looking for workflow suggestions on “reviewing” transactions. I know there are sheets out there for full reconciliations but that is a little overkill for me. I pretty much just review/categorize transaction on the Transactions tab and that’s it. QuickBooks refers to this as clearing a transaction, which is the step before reconciling.

I get several hundred transaction importing into Tiller in a month, and review these transactions once or twice a month. The problem is sometimes I forgot what I haven’t reviewed since I’ll have dozens of new transactions when I come back.

I was thinking I could add a “checkbox” into column A under where the Tiller logo is and checking that would tell me I’ve reviewed that line, however I am not sure if this column is reserved for anything and if not, how to automatically add the checkbox on new imported items.

Any ideas or suggested would be appreciated. Thank you!

how about tags? C = checked, if no C then check!

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I echo @susandennis
I use tags extensively. If you’re only using one tag like “c” for cleared, that should work fine. Because I use so many tags, I actually use a drop-down in my tags column to make sure I don’t mistype - and then even have different colours for each tag - eg. green for cleared…


You could also create a new column that has a checkbox for each row.


@davidmark and @susandennis thanks for the suggestion on tags. However, I use tags for a lot of transactions I think it would get lost easily.

@morgan I like the idea of a checkbox, but I am not sure it’s possible to automatically add a new checkbox when new transactions get added. It seems like when I do add a checkbox and new transaction are added the checkbox isn’t there. Any ideas on how to have them automatically get added?

I haven’t tested this, but I do have an idea you could try out… :thinking:

Our feeds pull transactions into the bottom of the sheet then they are sorted up. The new transaction rows will keep any format that is applied on the rows at the very bottom of your sheet. So one thing you could try is applying the check box to the very last few rows in your Transactions sheet and then fill with new transactions to see if that checkbox will apply to the new rows.

Not trying to sell you on using tags but in case it’s helpful, I use the Dropdown function and then use colours to highligh what’s “done” - whatever ones definition of done is. Because I apply the Dropdown function to my entire Tags column, it’s present on every transaction.

In my sheet, I use the letter “k” as in “ok” to denote I’m done with the transaction. If I happen to use another tag, such as “tax”, as long as there’s a “k” in there as well, it’s green. I used to have a separate column with an “x” in it to mark it as cleared but I find it simpler to just use the Tag column now that Sheets has the Dropdown function. Just saves me from making typos.

My 2 cents worth…



Hey @doitlikejustin! I just tried @morgan’s suggestion in my personal sheet and it worked great. I inserted a new column, applied checkboxes from row 2 all the way to the bottom of the sheet and ran a Tiller fill. The new transactions included empty checkboxes. I think this approach is your best-bet.

If you want to use the first column with the Tiller logo for this purpose, go for it. That is a great use of the column and won’t cause any issues with your feeds.


@doitlikejustin I added a column on my ‘Transactions’ tab called “Status”. That column has a drop-down with three options (Need Info, Cleared, Not Cleared).

Need Info - is what is sounds like - if I need more information in order to understand what a transaction is

Not Cleared - used when I categorize the charge and add notes (if applicable)

Cleared - when reconciled with my bank statement at the end of the month

Would this (or some version of it) help you?


@randy thanks for the confirmation on using the 1st (T-logo) column. I tried this an confirmed it’s working as well. I think the issue originally was I didn’t fill all my rows with the checkbox.

@cavaughan16 also a great solution! I tried this out and it works great.

I will try both for a few weeks to see what approach works best for my workflow.

Thank you everyone!


To know for sure, I’d have to review the code (which I can’t do now), but I think the fill function adds rows at bottom and copies/extends the formatting from those rows. So if you want to extend custom formatting it is important that it runs to the bottom.

Glad to hear you’ve got two options working.

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Absolutely happy to help @doitlikejustin ! Happy reconciling! :grin:

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I use the account reconciliation tab and live that. Is there any way to have those transactions on the transactions tab to be marked off when reconciliation is complete? Also how do you do the check boxes, etc?

I’ve been using a checkbox on column E, attached to a conditional formatting rule for columns D and E if the value is not true. I love it


I also have the following simple summary that’s linked to my “reviewed” column: