Rollover Adjustment Warning Wrongly Displayed on Envelope Budget Dashboard

(Belatedly) reviewing your Savings Budget feedback from Sept 13, @aronos

  • Is the “microvalues” issue resolved once you are in the Savings Budget template? We made some changes to address that about a month ago. (I’m not as worried about the old Envelope Budget anymore.)
  • The Analyze Budgets History workflow regenerates and overwrites much of Budgets History every time it is executed, so I’m not surprised that the micro values came back after your ran it.
  • “At some point, I may correct the entire sheet, then run the migration to the Savings Budget without running Analyze Budgets History…” I think this would work… but you could also just fix the values post-migration once the data is in the Savings Budget.

There are many issues with trying to do this :point_up: but you might try using the IMPORTRANGE() function if you want to sync data between two sheets. @heather wrote up some instructions a while back…

Is this still an issue? I thought some new formulas from @cculber2 resolved this about a month ago.

Yes… if the Available values are close, that is a very good sign. The calculations are conceptually the same but implemented completely differently, so some discrepancies— especially with complex budgets with extensive history— would not surprise me.

I think you’ve seen that these measurements are prototyped in the hidden area. We will be moving them to the main area in the coming months. For now, you can cut and past them wherever you want them in your sheet.

Can you clarify… is this a migrator issue? or a Savings Budget issue? Is it possible we resolved this since your post?

I changed this a few weeks ago. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for all the detailed feedback!