End of month "Available" not rolling correctly over as "Rollover"

Good evening! Reformed long-time Mint user here (new to Tiller about 3 weeks ago) and excited to see how my first transition from one month’s Envelope Budget to the next month would go.

Looking for a little assistance as to why four of my categories’ July end-of-month Available values didn’t transfer over correctly to populate my August Rollover values. Most (~60) transferred over fine. I double-checked that I had set up the rollover categories correctly, so it’s not that. My only (perhaps related) observation is that for two of the errors, there were 7/31 transactions, so perhaps these late-in-the-month transactions were not swept into the August Rollovers correctly… though they are accounted for in July Available values. The other two errors are complete mysteries.

Any insight into what’s going? The Rollover feature is pretty critical for me and I’m moving into the end of my trial in a few days. Hope to get this resolved. Otherwise, I love this platform. Oh, I did run the Restore Dashboard to no avail.


Since your budget sheet is new, I suspect that you don’t have the Rollover To correctly set for your first month. This is 100% not anything you did wrong, just a peculiarity in how the system sets up new budgets.

To check if that is the case, you’ll need to get into the Budgets History sheet. It may be hidden, in which case you can find it using the little Menu icon next to the “add sheet” plus symbol icon. Go down to the bottom row, it will say “Rollover To” in the Section column and will have a date that corresponds to your first month’s budget. Go across that row and make sure that there is something in all of the columns that have something in the row above… If the row above is blank it’s fine, but if there is something in the row above make sure there’s a matching Category in the bottom row.

If you find any that you “fixed” be sure to run the “Analyze Budgets History” function, found under the Google Sheets Add-ons menu > Tiller > Envelope Budget. Tuck that away in your mind and run it any time you adjust older budgets or experience any sort of issue that makes your scratch your head and say “well that doesn’t make sense.”


Thank you so much, @aronos! :facepunch:t4:

I followed your instructions to fix the Budgets History sheet and that did the trick. I did not have any blanks in the bottom row… but I did have some that had a different rollover category from the prior month (the cell above). So, once all rollover categories were the same from month to month, the rollover values came over correctly into August (from July Available values). Thanks again. I wouldn’t have figured this out on my own.

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OK, I am still lost – looking for the Budgets History sheet, and it is not hidden – any ideas?

@brandonscottgardner Ideas as to…? What exactly is the trouble you’re having? Is it will rollovers not working like this topic is about or is it that you can’t find the Budgets History sheet? It’s definitely there if you’re using the Envelope Budget template or else it wouldn’t work at all. If you’re using the Foundations template, that works a lot differently.