Envelope Budget - Monthly Budget sheet stops processing Rollover and Budget entries

I am having an excruciating experience setting up the Monthly Budget sheet in the Envelope Budget template. I have many categories with Rollover amounts and Budget amounts I’m trying to enter. I use the r=[amount] and b=[abount] shortcuts. Initially the Rollover and Budget amounts were automatically ‘ingested’ as intended. But after a few entries, the sheet seems to just stop working. I continue to enter Rollover and Budget amounts, but they are never ‘ingested’. They just sit there… forever! It is extremely frustrating! After deleting and re-entering the Rollover and Budget amounts several times, the sheet seems to ‘wake up’ and ingest a few more entries. Then, it just stops working again. This is a very bad experience I’m having as I try to get started setting up the Envelope Budget template.

Is there any way to make the Monthly Budget template consistently and efficiently accept my Rollover and Budget entries?

@DannyD Perhaps you can restore your Envelope Budget to see if that can get things working again.

Also, it might be worth checking out the Savings Budget. It is compatible with the Foundation Template and also has Rollover features. I think its a bit more user friendly as well.

Hi Warren. Thanks for these suggestions.

If I restore my Envelope Budget, will I lose all the data I’ve currently entered into that budget (e.g. category balances and category rollover amounts I’ve already entered)?

About the Savings Budget… How do I go about using it. I actually have the Foundation Template already setup. When I first started with Tiller, I setup the Foundation Template. Then, recently I setup the Envelope Budget. I had to setup the Envelope Budget in a separate Google worksheet. How do I setup the Savings Budget? Does it need to be another worksheet as well? Or, can the Savings Budget exist as simply another sheet within the worksheet where I currently have the Foundation Template?