Savings Budget - Budget Change or Category Transfer

Hi All - I have a tax refund this year and decided to just have a tax category and categorize the refund when the transaction occurs vs. showing it as income. I was also wanting to push some of that refund towards a 529 plan I have and I was just going to go a category adjustment between my tax category and the 529 category (I know 529 is actually savings but I show it as an expense since I won’t be able to use that many). Do people have a better way of doing this?


First off, the idea of having the refund manifest as a credit to a Tax category sounds reasonable to me. I often do this with refunds issued by vendors.

Have you considered making the transfer to your 529 account a “transfer” type. That is the convention we often use for net-neutral shifts of funds from one account to another.

Perhaps there are other ideas or considerations.