Savings Goal Tracker (Beta)

Ah I see where it is in the sheet. It looks like the account numbers got lost. Also I think it needs to start with P10 for pulling categories rather than P9

Thanks for the feedback here @lala123 - I’ll make sure to pass on changes related to categories list. Can you share more about what you mean by “the account numbers got lost” ?

Echoing the need for multiple accounts for a single goal. I have 3 retirement accounts, 401k, Rollover IRA, Roth IRA.

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Thanks for the feedback, @TillerCrazy. We’re starting with the basics but we hear you on this.

I really like the idea of typing in a manual amount for the goal - to take an example, I have money saved for my taxes, and I just paid my quarterlies. The general bucket of money I have for taxes remains the same, but now it has less in it.

Perhaps the allocation could default to the current method, which I like because it does force you to prioritize your savings goals, but then the end user can override somehow.

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Thanks for your feedback on the workflow, @Misha.

I agree with keeping this particular Savings Goal workflow simple. Many of the requested features (planned contributions toward goals each month, goal funding deadlines, etc…) sound like a better fit with the Savings Goals and Debt Tracking sheet.

For my needs, the Savings Goal Tracker fits well for short-term goals, or when I already have money saved and need to earmark those funds for certain purposes (protect those dollars, so to speak). If you accidentally dip into that money, it shows less than 100%. Or, you can choose which savings goal you’ll borrow from, and how much you need to save to make it whole again.

For some feature requests, there are workarounds by entering multiple line items for the same goal. This can allow us to fund goals from multiple accounts, or partially fund one goal (not to 100%) while also funding another goal within the same account. See example. Let’s say Jack and Diane want a six-month Emergency Fund of $20,000. Their joint Treasury Bonds account contributes half, and each has individual savings accounts that will contribute the other half. Jack decides he needs the latest Apple watch, so he’ll postpone his portion of the Emergency Fund. The pie charts are nice, but you’ll mainly be looking at the table section below for these needs. Lastly, I thought it was neat that you can see any leftover funds for a savings account if you enter a line item without a goal target. (Bonds Surpus in this example)


Great ideas, and thanks for sharing this example workflow. I’m glad you’re finding this helpful. I also save first, allocate second so having this template helps me sort out what my savings can fund.

Thanks for the feedback @brettanicus - we’ll be picking this savings workflow back up after the debt template release so I’ll be reviewing all this feedback again to assess next steps.

I do think we’ll end up keeping it really simple in our initial release with this and iteratively improve/adjust as time goes on and there are a lot of great ideas in this thread.