Seven: Automate your categories

What is AutoCat?

AutoCat is a feature in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on that allows you to build a customized rule set for automatically categorizing transactions and other customizations to your transaction data.

Example observations

Based on the rules that AutoCat suggested from recent transactions, you might uncover some interesting learnings about your spending.

Most of my suggested rules were for transactions that don’t really line up with achieving my goals, like a lot of spending at Jimmy John’s.

I’ve been to REI quite a bit recently based on AutoCat suggesting a rule for it. Spending on outdoor gear does align with my values because I love the outdoors and it helps me stay balanced, but maybe I need to cut back a bit so I can set aside more for a down payment on a house.

I could probably cut back on random iTunes purchases and make sure the kids ask for my permission before purchasing new games from the app store.

Wow, I can’t believe I’m still paying for that NY Times subscription!

Recommended Rules

If you don’t have them already some great rule ideas, all focused on Description Contains criteria are:

  • Rent or mortgage payment
  • Utilities bills
  • Transfers to savings for your IRA or kids’ college funds
  • Grocery stores - try a multi-criteria rule for these if you shop at a few!
  • Car payment
  • Recurring subscriptions you don’t want to cut
  • Cell phone and internet bill
  • Credit card payments

Your turn to share!

What did AutoCat’s suggested rules teach you about your spending? What are some other recommended rules for recurring transactions or transactions at the same merchant that are categorized the same way?

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I went into the details and set a category for my caffeine when purchased at 7-11. I used the category and amount/description as well as tagging the notes for split if the amount is different, which meant I bought caffeine and something else.
One thing that came out from autocat is that I spend way too much in that area, which is of course discretionary spending.

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We have too many ongoing TV/movie subscriptions! Though given the circumstances, we do watch a lot of TV, I think we can cut back on some of them.

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I didn’t do this one TBH because I prefer to manually categorize my transactions. I don’t miss anything that way.

I’m not sure it would tell me much I didn’t already know anyway :wink: plus my descriptions come through in ways that make it hard to pick up suggestions.