Size My Sheet add on

I’m trying to install the “Size My Sheet Google Sheets Add-on” that is recommended in this article:

The link points to

WHen I click on the link I get the following error " 400. That’s an error.

The server cannot process the request because it is malformed. It should not be retried. That’s all we know.

Is this tool still available?

I used to have Size My Sheet, and used it a lot. I just checked and the Add-on is not in my extensions menu any longer and it’s not available as a new add-in, so I guess Tiller deep-sixed it. I hope they redeploy it soon. It was outdated, though, as it didn’t reflect that sheets now allows 10,000 cells.
UPDATE: Ben Collins has a pretty clever little script to add to your Tiller sheets that sizes your spreadsheet. I am now using it! Here is the Link: Ben Collins Sheet Sizer Script for Google Sheets

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Thank You very much. I’ll give Ben’s tool a try.

I assumed the tool mentioned in the help article would still be available as it includes the tag
“Written by Heather Phillips
Updated over a week ago”

I guess it was updated for some other reason.

I think our Dev team may have deprecated that add-on recently. It was overdue some updates, and given that Google had recently increased the max-sheet-size, I believe we shut it down. Is this right, @heather?

Hi @jimf, we updated the add-on back in March when Google changed the cell limit from 5 million cells to 10 million cells then Google took it down late last month because one of our help URLs was incorrect.

We’re working on reducing our code footprint so were considering nixing this add-on, but I’m curious what prompted you to try and install/use it. Was it for diagnosing a sheet performance issue or something else?

With the limit being 10 million cells we feel its less useful and had originally created the add-on back in 2016(?) when the limit was still 2 million cells and folks were more likely to bump into it.

Hi Heather,
I’ve been reading through the various “Getting Started with Tiller” articles and saw the reference to running out of cells. I was curious about the current size of my sheets and thought it might be interesting to see where I stood.

In general how up-to-date are the help articles?

It’s not just that the cell limit is now a roomy 10 million, it was a good tool to use to make your sheet more efficient by not having so many empty cells for google to calculate. I used it to make sure all sheets had only the number of cells they needed without having to look at every sheet. It really does speed up google sheets when the blank cells are reduced to the minimum.

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@jimf the freshness of the help articles varies :slight_smile:

@jemmoa7 this is an interesting use case, if we can get it back up and running I’d love to have you write up or record a video of your workflow for Show & Tell on how you use it in this way?

@jemmoa7 - this is back up and running. Would you be open to sharing a Show & Tell for how you use it to improve the performance of your sheet? A video would be most helpful - and you can use the sheet sanitizer tool in Tiller Community Solutions if you’re shy about sharing your real sheet’s data.

Hello! I don’t have the time to create a video for this, but I can tell you how I use it.
I run the tool and it tells me the number of cells and the percent full the sheet is.
Then just go to each sheet and decide how much empty space each one needs and delete empty rows and columns that are not needed. I usually let Transactions have 3000 rows, but no extra empty columns. The rest of them are fairly static. Rerun the Size My sheet app and see how you’ve done. I do notice a difference in calculation speed if I can decrease the percentage enough.
What would be great if the Size My Sheet tool could show individual sheet numbers and maybe a clickable button to go to any of the sheets listed!
Anyway, thanks for bringing it back. Much appreciated.

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Hi @heather …following up on a related item. I just noticed that my Transactions Sheet had about 10,200 empty rows at the bottom. Is this typical?

Wondering if these are being added in the download function and then accumulating over time?

I manually deleted these.

The add-on shouldn’t add empty rows, @Brad.warren. Definitely fine to delete them.