Small Biz: how to account for line items on my invoices?

Haven’t found anything with a few different search queries so asking here!

I am attempting to switch from using quickbooks online simplestart to tiller, but can’t wrap my head around how to track the different line items on my invoices.

If specifics help, I make wallpaper and my typical invoice has line items for the following:
Customization Added Fee
Sales Tax

And then I will go back in and add the bank/cc processing fee that I was charged.

Many thanks for any tips!

Hi @stephanie1,

Making wallpaper sounds like a fun biz :slight_smile:

Are you trying to track so that you can see the cost of those items amongst other expenses or are you trying to track the invoices themselves? Just wanting to understand the workflow you’re trying to accomplish.

Thank you Heather!
It is! :slight_smile:

I guess both? Or just the cost of the items amongst other expenses… ?
I use my crm for my invoicing and I can generate reports there, but I need to see things that they can’t show me - like ‘i’m charging this amount for shipping’ vs ‘the actual amount I’m paying for said shipping’
and I’d like, as the same time, to see those charges tagged to the specific invoices so I can look at the macro and the micro.

Does that make sense? I also need to track sales tax similarly…