Solution for tracking joint accounts

Hi there – I share a joint credit card with my partner for groceries, eating out, and other household expenses. I would love to include this account in my money feeds, but having a hard time splitting the transactions for that account without going through and doing it manually. I’ve use the DIVIDE function to get the half of an amount, then replace it in my Transactions, but I would love to have a solution that works across all sheets.

I’ve searched this board for a solution, and all I’ve found is people with the same problem. It would great to designate certain accounts as Joint when you’re adding them. Thanks!



I am not sure whether you have seen the discussion below, but manually changing the amount on the transactions tab is your best option, in my opinion.


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I have shared mortgages with a business partner and would love to know how to do this.

@masterlights1 ,

Will you be linking the account?

Read both my Dec 19 post below regarding mortgages in general and my post above and then reach out with specific questions.



I did link the mortgage to my sheet and created a manual account that shows that my business partner owns half the debt, which in this case looks like an asset. The issue that I am seeing is that whenever the balance history is updated rather than updating the mortgage value it adds a new line item. This makes it difficult to have it automatically change the value of my partners account. I would love it if there were a multiplier that I could add to accounts that could represent my equity percentage in an asset or venture.


This is what I have done in several similar situations:

  1. Yes, you are going to get a new row every time the balance changes. No away around that.
  2. Every time a new mortgage balance comes in, insert a row below it and make a new manual account entry for 50%. I actually copy/paste the prior month’s manual account row and modify it.
  3. Regarding that manual account, code it as a liability on the Balance History tab.
  4. On the Accounts tab, call both accounts a liability and assign both accounts the same Group, maybe call it Mortgage. This will make both accounts show next to each other on the Balances tab.
  5. What are you doing about the Transactions tab? Interest expense? Escrow items?