🏆 Tag Manager - Google Sheets

@jpfieber SOLVED WITH ABSOLUTE REFERENCES. I DON’T KNOW WHY… Thx. I’m stumped. I’ve followed all the instructions and my tag dropdowns on my transaction page include all the tags in the tag manager for around the first 10 rows… then some are missing till there are none in subsequent rows. AND any tags which I already had in my Tags column are flagged as not valid. Any ideas???

@isussman1228 I had the same thing. Changing the Data Validation criteria range to =‘Tag Manager’!$C$2:$C did the trick.


For others wanting to add multiple tags, you may need to swich to “Show a warning” from “Reject the input” which was selected by default in the data validation rule.

Also, to switch the dropdown to look like others in Tiller, switch the “Display Style” to “Arrow” from “Chip” (which was default).


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