Tags report: Added the ability to add up to 3 levels of tags

Hi, I created what I call a v2 of this Tag report as I use tags in a hierarchical manor meaning I was all transactions that have “Travel” AND “New York” in them. I don’t know how to share this template with others, but if you want this you can ping me and I can show the formulas I added. Here is a GIF on how it looks and works.

2023-08-07 10.30.53


@mar5 - this is super cool!

To share it, you could start by making a copy of the Sample Data sheet, add the Tags column to your Transactions sheet in the Sample Data copy, then right click the modified Tags report in YOUR spreadsheet and choose “copy to” and copy it into the Sample Data sheet you created.

Then you can post as a show & tell for Google Sheets with a link to your sample data sheet with modified tags report (be sure to give anyone with the link access to the sample data sheet with the new report).

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Thank you! I’ll do this tonight!

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Thanks for posting this! Tags Report v2 with Multi level Tag support