Could a tag report be created for a different worksheet than the Transactions sheet?

Hello! I’m not sure if anyone would be able to help on this. I really, really like the tags report and it’s been incredibly useful in tracking transactions. We just did a trip chasing the eclipse (it was amazing), and it was a really great way to track the expenses for it and make sure we stayed on budget for the whole thing.

We often buy stuff from half a dozen categories at a time at Target and Costco, and I split the transactions. I also have a separate worksheet in my main budget spreadsheet for specific line-item tracking where I’m putting in things from the receipts for things like specific groceries and kid expenses so I can see more granularly things like how many boxes of Oreos we’re buying or how many Joanna Gaines things we’re getting from Target, and we can try to pay better attention to our habits in the process. (This drives my wife insane and she does not like it at all, but it’s been really useful for me in figuring out what a realistic grocery and home improvement budget is.)

I’ve added a column for tags in my line-item expense sheet, but I don’t have enough spreadsheet knowledge to figure out quite out how the tags report actually fundamentally works, or how it references the transactions sheet, to try to create a tags report for this specific line-item tracking sheet.

Would anyone have an idea how to make a tag report that references this second sheet? Or is there someone who could just help me wrap my head around the fundamentals of how it works? I can see a lot of practical use for such a thing in my day job if I can figure out how exactly it actually works. I’m just enough of a spreadsheet amateur that I can’t quite understand it from looking at the formulas.

Thanks in advance!

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In the Tags Report hidden columns beyond column L, you could probably change the Sheet References names to match your sheet. Maybe Duplicate the Tags Report sheet to keep it separated.

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Mark S. has a good idea to take a look at the sheet references and adjust. You may need to update the Date, Description, and Amount to match your specific sheet’s column names.

If you want to see more than those items or filter on other parts of your dataset, you could try out the Programmatic Query Builder and see if it works for you. If could envision adding a dropdown with the unique list of tags and then your query output could be driven by that tag selection. Just let me know if you have any questions.

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This drives my wife insane and she does not like it at all

I’m just here to second this part, my wife just hates the categorization in general, because it makes us be accountable for our spending. :rofl:

Ah! This is precisely what I was looking for! I could not for the life of me see how the tags report was referencing the transaction sheet. This explains why I couldn’t find it.

Much appreciated, thank you. This should solve my problem. I had expected to make a second sheet that would be a report just for the line-item expense page, yes.

I just tried changing all these references and it worked like a charm. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was hoping for.


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