Tiller Labs not showing up in search

I’m new to Tiller and didn’t see this answered in the “similar topics” section.

I’m following the instructions to add Tiller Labs as an add-on but there is no such thing. I only get Tiller Money Feeds or Tiller Community Solutions. Has Tiller Labs been removed or discontinued?

Also, when I run AutoCat it works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. Any clues as to why?



Welcome. Two replies:

  1. Tiller Labs was replaced by Tiller Community Solutions. So, you’re good on that one.

  2. When you say AutoCat isn’t working, do you mean it’s just not categorizing your transactions? One issue that people sometimes encounter: Tiller runs AutoCat from the top to the bottom of the AutoCat sheet, so you want to have the most narrow AutoCat criteria at the top and the broadest at the bottom. If something gets auto-categorized once, Tiller is not going to recategorize based on a rule below. So, people sometimes get frustrated that a transaction is being auto-categorized as one thing rather than another. Don’t know if that’s the issue you are encountering, but just throwing a common one out there.

Do you have an example of a case that doesn’t work? A screen capture of the AutoCat sheet would be helpful, if possible.