Track credit card spending for current open statement period

I want to love Tiller, because I LOVE spreadsheets. I’m not sure how to go about getting the info I’m looking for, though.

We do a majority of our bill paying and spending on a combination of 4 credit cards for travel reward point purposes, and we pay off the balances each month. I want to track my balances for the current open statement periods. For example, I want to keep monthly spending to $8,000, but if I track current balances, they include the balance due for the previous statement period.

Is there a way to pull this information in? Maybe by adding all 4 of the current balances and then subtracting all 4 previous statement balances? I also thought about tagging transactions by statement period, but I’d love to not have to do anything manually to add to the process!

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I think @1Email2RuleThemAll has a great sheet that with a little bit of extra input seems to get pretty dang close for me for what you seem to be looking for. Its called the credit card settings sheet and i believe there may be more to come in the future from @1Email2RuleThemAll


That’s just what I needed, thanks so much!


You can also use the Statement Activity/Details sheet which might be less difficult to setup.

What is difficult about setting up my solution?

I’m glad you like the solution! Please remember, though, that you have to make sure that your “Previous Statement End Date” is updated every month for each card. Otherwise, the totals due will be off.

Also, if you cash in credit card rewards points for a statement credit, or receive refunds for anything on your credit cards, the totals due will be off. This is because the credit card companies do not count those transactions as a normal payment. They apply the credit to the most recent transactions, not your oldest transactions. I find that to be a disgusting practice, but it is what it is I suppose.

The sheet is intended as a way to fill a hole in Tiller’s ecosystem and get you close to where that credit card split is so you can better plan for covering those totals. It’s always best to cross check this sheet with your credit card statements to make sure everything ties out.

Thanks for looking into my solution! If you have any questions, post them here or under the workflow and I will do my best to answer!

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