Trouble with Envelope Budgeting Rollover (start up)

Hi - I went through the instructions for setting up Envelope Budgeting in the comprehensive guide (won’t let me paste a link) a few times, but still cannot see any balances from my March budget rolling over into April. Any advice?

Just a couple shots in the dark here:

  1. Did you do the budget history refresh? (Add-ons–>Tiller–>Envelope Budget–>Analyze Budgets History)

  2. On the upper right hand corner of the corner of the Budget Dashboard is the Year, Month, Period, box. Make sure you are cycling through the months that you are wanting to analyze. Sometimes it can take a little while to orient itself to the newly selected period. Make sure the Month and Period agree (April and 4/1/2020). I sometimes do the budget history refresh again just to make sure.

  3. Make sure the rollover categories are going where you intend.

I know these are pretty basic and you’ve probably done them already like a hundred times, but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.


I think the answer is here:

Check out the video. Essentially, you won’t see March to April if you’re new to this budget because the only periods you have in Budgets History are April and May.