Unclear how to use Transfer category type as Income and Expense

I am new to Tiller (so hopefully adding my question correctly) and I am trying to understand how to use the Transfer category to reflect between account payments and transfers. I looked at the help topic but it would be really helpful to have an actual example of how you set up the categories and accounts and then use AutoCat to flag the positive and negative transactions to the credit card and checking account respectively. Currently, the payment looks like a payment for both accounts - showing as negative.



I believe this is the article you are referencing.

The recommended workflow for credit card payments is to use the Transfer category for both the withdrawal transaction from your checking account and the deposit transaction toward your credit card balance. This will prevent you from double-counting expenses from your credit card.

I personally have all of my credit cards set up with the Transfer.
Category - Citibank
Group - Credit Card
Type - Transfer

I currently don’t have a rule setup in AutoCat when making payments on my credit card. Only rules for transactions that take place on my various checking and credit card accounts. I’m interested in how other community members have their rules set up as well.

Lastly, it sounds like an error may be taking place if the payment is negative on both accounts. Ideally, it should be a negative transaction from your checking account and a positive transaction on your credit account.

Hope this helps.


Sometimes if the payment is negative it is due to the delays in tiller processing transactions (they dont post until they are final)

I have seen it reflect on the next month at time (so -25 in March but +25 in April).

The reports by year help resolve this.

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