Using RegEx with AutoCat

Regarding AutoCat, Is it accurate to say that rules created with the “Simple Rule Builder” are case sensitive but rules created with “Advanced Rule Builder” are not?


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this so I apologize if it isn’t.

I’m relatively new to Tiller but I love it. I use Tiller primarily because of its Categorization tools. Tiller has the potential to automatically and accurately categorize many more transactions than other systems I’ve tried including Mint and Personal Capital. As a relatively new user, most of my learning curve is related to learning the tools you provide to categorize transactions consistently and, to a lesser extent, cleaning up the Descriptions provided by the financial institutions I’m connected to. This is why AutoCat is so important to me.

I agree with your comment about from July 2020 about the need for more documentation regarding AutoCat. This is especially true regarding Regex. I completely misunderstood how Regex worked in Tiller. I’m still not 100% sure I understand so I agree that more documentation, screenshots showing the contents of cells in the Description Regex column would be helpful as would a short video.

I thought I had to manually add a column such as “Description Regex” to my AutoCat sheet and enter Sheets-compatible formulas in the cells. e.g. =RegexMatch(text, regular_expression). As I think I understand it now, if I want to categorize McDonalds, Burger King, and Chick-fil-a as “Fast Food” without working about their case, the entry in Description Regex would look like McDonalds | Burger King | Chick-fil-a.

In reading this post between you and wizavi, I didn’t understand that you (Randy) were talking about rules created in the Advanced Rule Builder being case insensitive. I was confused because other posts specifically say that AutoCat rules ARE case sensitive.

In summary, AutoCat is one of Tiller’s “killer features” but it could be more accessible with a better documentation.


OK, this right here—AutoCat by Regex— is the feature that has just sold me on Tiller. Sweet!

The only thing I’m missing is the ability to back-reference my capturing groups to tidy up the replacement column. For example, my rule to categorize and tidy up pharmacies has this Description Regex:

(CVS|Walgreens|(Missoula|Granite|406 Clinic) Pharmacy)

The Category for all of them is “Pharmacy”, but the tidied description should be just the pharmacy name (e.g. “CVS” or “Missoula Pharmacy”) extracted from all the other clutter that comes in the description. So what I’d like to put in the Description column as the tidy replacement text is $1, but even though the match is a regex, the replacement gets treated like literal dollar-sign 1.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if users could make use of captured regex groups like this?

For it to be more mainstream and gain further adoption, I think you’re going to have to code a Regex builder into the AutoCat sidebar. Regex is just so fussy but extremely powerful.

Thanks for your feedback, @King_Flippy_Nips. Recommend adding a feature request for this. Regex is definitely an undocumented power feature for sure.