Wrote an automated category feature

Hello, I wrote a script to automate categorization in the Transaction sheet. I posted instructions in my recent blog - Text Classification in Spreadsheets using Javascript | by Chris Ismael | Feb, 2021 | Medium

In case this is too technical for some, I’d be happy to answer questions here so you can run it in your own sheet. No transaction information is sent to any 3rd-party cloud service. Other than Google of course, where your sheets are already hosted anyway :slight_smile:

Hi @chrispogeek:

Very impressive use of the script. For others (like me) who may not swing the tech, this Tiller Tool for auto-categorizing transactions is powerful. Have you seen it?


Hey @Brad.warren thanks. Yeah Heather mentioned this. Never got to try it really. I’m thinking Tiller can explore the method I outlined in the post and add it via the Labs addin. It skips the rule-creation part for categorizing transactions.