Yearly Budget for Envelope budget?


I use and love the Envelope budget but I am looking for a yearly budget that is compatible with it, like there is with Foundation Template. Can anyone help?


:wave: @catpatriciamorgan!

There isn’t a Yearly Budget that’s compatible with the Envelope Budget template that’s a separate add-on.

But if you transition to the “Savings Budget” from Tiller Money Labs a more performant a Foundation compatible envelope budgeting template you can get the Yearly Budget features - though the Yearly Budget doesn’t show Savings/rollovers.

Hi Heather,
Thanks! I am playing around with the Savings Budget and the Savings & Debt solutions. I really like them and I am deciding on using these & the Foundation Template vs. the Envelope Budget starting on Jan 1, 2021. I know in the Envelope Budget we can change the rollover amount in column F. Can we do the same on the Savings Budget? It doesn’t look like it…I am asking because I have accumulated savings already and want to account for that for my 2021 savings goals.

Also, I am having trouble with the Savings & Debt solution. In column A, my savings categories are not showing up.

Thank you!


Hi Heather,
Sorry - just figured out how to handle the accumulated savings by adjusting it in Savings mode.

Still can’t figure out the issue with categories not showing up in the Savings & Debt solution, though.


Sorry for the delay here. Did you figure this out? I’m not as familiar with this solution as some others. If you still need help, ping @randy in your reply with more details on where exactly categories are missing. Screenshots are helpful.

Yes… sorry for the delay, @catpatriciamorgan.

I know in the Envelope Budget we can change the rollover amount in column F.

It sounds like you found the Savings Budget workflows in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

In the Savings & Debt solution, what are you seeing? Are the categories that you want to display set for “Savings” in Track column in the Categories sheet?

@randy and @heather,

Thanks for getting back to me!

I found that the Envelope budget works best for me so I haven’t been using that solution anymore. I went into my old Foundations sheet and saw that the categories are now showing in the drop down in the Savings & Debt solution. Before, the Categories were set as “Savings” in the Categories but there were no drop down options in the S&D solution. Maybe there was just a glitch back then. Anyway, thank you both!!

I’m glad to hear it is working for you, @catpatriciamorgan. Honestly, the Savings & Debt template is designed to work with the Savings Budget and was never really tested with the Envelope budget, which we have stopped developing and maintaining (in favor of the Savings Budget).

But… If it is working together for you… great!


Thanks! I meant that I have been using the Envelope budget and stopped using the Savings & Debt solution. I would use the Savings Budget, but I do not really like that the adjustments stay viewable (as you can see in the screen shot on the far right). Those amounts are how much I already have saved thus far (prior to using Tiller). Also I love the progress bars in the Envelope Budget and the % target!

Will the Envelope budget still be available for the foreseeable future?

Regarding the Envelope Budget, we don’t plan to unpublish it, but it hasn’t been maintained or updated in over a year and it will slowly diverge from other changes to the platform. The Savings Budget is our current best practices template for rollover budgeting.

A few quick notes:

  • It sounds like you have not found the Savings Budget workflows in the Tiller Money Labs add-on. If you run this workflow, your changes in the Adjust column will be integrated into your budget data. The intent is NOT for those values to hang out there.
  • The sparkline progress bars are cool. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to add those to your personal sheet. Let me know if you get stuck.
  • Since long-term savings is tracked in the Savings & Debt sheet with the Savings Budget, the % of target would be tracked elsewhere with the new tooling.


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I mocked this up a progress bar solution here, @catpatriciamorgan.