Accounting partner firm or personal CFO using Tiller?

I am interested to hire a “personal CFO” or accounting firm to help me maintain Tiller spreadsheet and associated processes. Any ideas or recommendations?


I have spent my whole career in the accounting industry. Generally, I suspect most CFO’s for hire and accounting firms would not be interested because they do not use Tiller and it would not be cost effective for them to learn Tiller. They have other tools they would want to use. They use these other tools on a daily basis and know these other tools quite well. However, these other tools would not do data aggregation.

There may be Tiller users in this community that might be for hire.

Most Tiller user are DIYer’s. I think all Tiller users would say they get much benefit by doing everything themselves. While it does take a bit of time to get everything set up, continuing maintenance is not a huge time investment.

If interested, I would be able to provide (for free) some general guidance to get you started and headed in the right direction.

Please let me know.


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Thanks for your note Blake! I’ve already set up everything. However, I have about a dozen manual accounts which need to be entered quarterly, some light reconciliations, etc. I think you could rate me as a “power user” of Tiller by now and I would whole heartedly agree with your comments on the benefit of doing the setup oneself.

I think it depends on what you’re really looking for. Disclosure: I’m a financial planner.

If you only need some manual updates and reconciliations, that could perhaps be fulfilled by any of the virtual assistant services (rather than going for a full on CPA type solution).

Some planners I know offer cash/spend coaching services that actively help clients manage their budgets and cash flows in a highly structured way, utilizing Tiller or one of other market tools to facilitate the process. I think that’s more service than you’re seeking, let me know if not.