Add additional global filter to Yearly Budget Sheet in Foundations Template

How do I add a filter to the Yearly Budget Sheet inside the Foundation template?

The functionality I am looking for is similar to what you can do within a pivot table.

For example, in order to aid my cash flow analysis, I would like to filter out one time events such as Bonuses (Income) and Home Improvement Projects (Expenses).

With that type of filter, I could easily toggle back and forth between my comprehensive cash flow incl. all income and expenses and my monthly cash flow from recurring activities.

How would I add that without breaking the functionality in the Budget Sheet. I want to use everything else as is.

Hi @sreichgut,

You can easily add a pivot table to the sheet if that’s helpful. Otherwise, you can hide some categories on the Categories sheet (mark them as Hide in the “Hide from Reports” column) and then they don’t show up in the cash flow calculations on the budget dashboards.

Does that help?


What I was doing was manually Showing/Hiding the categories I wanted to exclude. It was a little annoying having to do that though. What I was able to do was created a simple If/Then on the Show/Hide column of my Categories that was based on a single field I could toggle easily. It works pretty well for what I was trying to do. It would be nice to add that directly onto the Yearly Budgeting sheet but that was hard to do without risking inadvertently messing up something else.