Monthly Budget - Hide Categories That Have No Budget or Actual

I’m finding that the Foundation Monthly Budget sheet is difficult to actually track my spending/budget because I have so many rows of Categories that have no Budget or Actual spending for the month. It would be much easier to use this tool if I could somehow hide or not include any category that has a 0 budget and 0 actual value. Can anyone think of a way to do this?

Are you tracking actuals only, or actuals against budgeted amounts? I like the view of the Live Profit & Loss sheet which you can find in the Tiller Community Solutions add on. This will only include categories that have actuals in the displayed year, but it’s only for the actual amounts, not budget and actuals.

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That’s a great suggestion, @Caroleen. You could also manually set the Hide dropdown in the Categories sheet. Or you could even make the Hide setting formula driven there (i.e. if the total budget is >0). Of course that will only address zeroed budget aspect… not the zeroed actuals.

@randy i know this is an excel question but what you did with the balances sheet with sheets to exclude zeroed balances came to mind which i have personally implemented and enjoyed.

There is also a feature request for this very thing here

Would some formula wizadry be possible in the foundation template to accomplish this goal of automatically hiding zeroed actual and/or budgeted amounts for a particular month?

As you point out, @bentyre1… it’s definitely doable… because it has been done. :thinking:

And I don’t think it would be too hard to implement with a settings-option hidden away to show or hide when actuals are zero.

For stuff like this though on Foundation-template sheets, though I defer to @heather. :wave: