Autocat for Previous Month's Transactions

I am new to Tillerhq.

I have created entries for March 2022 and from them created Autocat.
Can I use Autocat to fill in the categories for January and February?

Also, what is the best to fill the transactions sheet for January and February?


It should run against any uncategorized transactions, even from past months. If they are already categorized, but you want other rules to run, when you open Autocat in the sidebar, at the bottom, click the gear next to “AutoCat Run Settings”. There is a drop-down you can change so instead of only running on uncategtorized transactions, it can run on ALL transactions. Be careful with that one, if you spent a lot of time hand doing a bunch of stuff, AutoCat may change all that really fast, so consider what your rules will do to already categorized transactions.

Thank you Jpfieber! Yes, it works!
I would have helped if I had clicked on run AutoCat! :grin:

Thanks again!