AutoCat Values? Is there a community list?

Hi. Data Analyst Excel nerd here. New to Tiller. I’m liking it so far but if I’m understanding correctly, we need to do all the categorization of our data manually at least to create the autocat library for future auto categorizations? Is there some sort of public resource with commonly used values to do this initial work for us with the basics to like assign Mobile Gas Station to Gas/Fuel etc?

You can add a column in the transaction sheet called category hint and that will give you Yodlees suggestion.

Whoah that’s pretty cool. So it worked…sort of…I got categories for like the last 87 transactions but not all…I wonder why. Any idea?

This will only fill going forward meaning if its in the most recent set of transactiona then it will add it to the transaction, however anything older it wont update, this will then be included going forward with any new transactions added to your sheet.

Tiller Feeds don’t change or add to existing rows. The only way to get the older data from the transactions you pulled in long ago would be to create a new spreadsheet with the same accounts. If that data were critical to your workflow, you could create a separate spreadsheet, copy that data into a new sheet in your main spreadsheet, and perform a VLOOKUP() (probably based on Transaction Id) to get the values into your main Transactions sheet… then use Copy-Paste as Values to wipe out the formulas and just leave the fully enriched values.