Yodlee categories or Autocat?

Yodlee can enrich transaction data with automatically determined categories. I would like categories to be chosen automatically for me; does Tiller make this data available in the feed?

Hi @NumbersGuy : These data are not being imported in the Yodlee data feed (Whoops…Thanks for catching that (below), @randy…adding the column captures it.) to allow for a more rich and customized experience in Tiller. By creating your own rule set with Tiller’s AutoCat feature, categories can be automatically assigned in the data downloads in a similar fashion.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make that happen in your Google sheet.

And here’s the link if you’re using Excel:

Using your own, fully-customized category scheme is a great way to personalize your budget, as @Brad.warren notes…

That said, you can pull in Yodlee’s category data by adding a column called Category Hint to your Transaction sheet. The Tiller Money Feeds add-on will fill all recognized column headers for all future transactions.

You may need to make a formula to pipe the Category Hint into your Category column for budgeting. An ARRAYFORMULA() in the header may be a good place to start.

(Not many people do this, so your mileage may vary.)

We try to keep this reference up to date. You can see that there are some other non-standard columns that will fill if inserted.

Let us know how it goes.

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Outstanding, thank you! Adding Category Hint solved my problem. I briefly experimented with Plaid and am happier with the category suggestions I’m getting from Yodlee through Tiller.

Glad to hear that, @NumbersGuy.

Hi @randy,

I’m getting about 35 category hints with my transactions but I see that Yodlee offers 607 unique detail categories. Is it possible for me to get more granular category hints for my transactions?

I suspect that the detail is going to vary by institution so it could be that the level of detail you’re referencing here is not available for your institution.