Best Practices to track reimbursements paid vs reimbursements to be paid from a net worth position

Need some help to a fairly nuanced problem. I have a lot of reimbursement transactions. These transactions are paid by me on personal credit cards and are then reimbursed weeks later by check. At the same time, I also want to know my actual net worth. I am finding this difficult since Tiller is updating continuously, even before the credit card is paid.

For example:

  • On 3/1 - I pay $100 that is to be reimbursed to me. At this point my accounts receivables show that I am owed $100, so my cash balance (custom form I created) goes up by $100. But in reality I have not really spent that money since the credit card has not been paid.

Only transactions that have actually been paid should show up as a receivable. But, since there is a delay between when I make the transaction on my credit card and when I pay my credit card, I am showing a higher net worth at any given time.

Any ideas?

Hi @amitnzn,

I’m not familiar with where you are seeing “Accounts receivable” - this isn’t something we offer out of the box with Tiller. Is this a custom sheet that you have built?

There are quite a few community topics about reimbursements already. Did you take a look at those?