Processing company reimbursements

This seems so basic, but I’ve not seen a good simple post about it.

I pay for stuff, the company pays me back. But… I need this workflow:

  1. Find all reimbursable expenses which have not yet be reimbursed
  2. Put them in their own sheet which I can export and send to finance with receipts
  3. When I receive the reimbursement, check off that these transactions have been reimbursed

Right now, I just see that there are “categories” but that’s not really correct… also no way to handle the workflow part of it, or even see all transactions in a category in a new place (without my own FILTERS, etc)

Searched this forum and community templates but nothing obvious came up.

In the old days of quicken and what not, I’d have a separate account, I’d transfer the expense to that account, and then I would know when it was cleared, because I’d transfer a positive amount to that account to zero it out.

HI @jacobsingh I use the Tags Report and Tags column in the Transactions sheet to do this when I have reimbursements I need to track for Tiller. I use three tags:

  • Unpaid
  • Submitted
  • Paid

You could export the Tags Report as a PDF for the “Unpaid” items then tag those all as “Submitted” after you’ve sent that. Then tag them as “Paid” once you’ve received the reimbursement.

I also use a “Receipt” column in my Transactions sheet and input a link to the receipt (stored in my gDrive) as technically since I’m being reimbursed I need to hold on to those receipts for tax audit purposes as well.