How to Categorize Reimbursements from Health Insurance?

There are sometimes healthcare expenses where we pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed for it. Do you just put it back in the same category as health care expense? thanks

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That is exactly what I do.


I have a category for the name of my insurance company and I categorize the debit with that category. I do this because I must make the claim to the insurance company and I want to make sure I get reimbursed. When the payment comes in, I use the same category. So, if this category sums to zero, I know I’ve been reimbursed for everything.

If you care about tracking to make sure you get reimbursed, you can do it the way you’re currently doing it and then just use something like a tag to note that the item is owed to you and then remove it once you’ve been paid.

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Thanks, that’s an interesting idea!

I also categorize any reimbursements the same as the original expense. Any remaining actual expense dollars after the reimbursement is what I need to allocate budget or savings to (or from, depending on how aggressive you are with budget and savings allocation).

Yes - you could include a tag with the reimbursement side as well so that it’s easy to filter and do reports if you ever wanted to analyze OR you could create a tag that you use for both the reimbursable and reimbursement side - then if this doesn’t equal $0 you know you either forgot to file for the reimbursement or you still haven’t received it and are waiting.