Reimbursed items, track cash flow

I travel a lot for work and have a lot of reimbursed expenses (food, flights, hotels, etc.)

I find that my cash flow tracker on the monthly budget page (google sheets) is not affected by my travel expense reimbursement.

I have a category of “business expenses” that I use to track reimbursable expenses. I categorize both the expense & reimbursement using that category so it evens out, but the cash flow tracker does not take this into account because it is only calculating spending minus income.

I might be missing something here, but trying to figure out how to incorporate the reimbursement into my cash flow.

You’ll want an “expense” type category and an “income” type category for business expenses to even out. It sounds like you’re using just one category that’s an expense type.

For me, I just have one category and if it’s >0 I know I made money (usually per diem). While it might not show up on some reports, I know I can just run the Transaction Tracker or similar for that Category and see how close to $0 it is. At least that’s how I do it. If it’s two separate categories, then you would need to reconcile the two at some point.