Bill Payment Tracker 1.04 NOT as documented

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Hi! I’m just getting started with Tiller and loaded the Bill Payment Tracker template.

It is version 1.04, however it features Category and not Description, as described in the documentation. And Description is not included.

Am I misunderstanding this template? Or is there a discrepancy between the way the tool works now and its documentation?

You need to unhide columns temporarily to determine your match, category/description.
It should be in W2, just drop down and select Description.

My suggestion is to use category, I used description for a while but things from the bank come in differently all the time, so category is always a match.


Thanks for answering this @yossiea.

I agree the Category match is usually the best way to do the match. But we added the Description option for some who requested it.

This option is explained in the 1st Q&A on the Bill Tracker wiki page.


Thank you @jono and @yossiea!

My apology for missing the item in the FAQ.

Even with this info, I’m still a bit confused by the documentation. I’ll play with it now that I’m aware of the config item.

What is the appropriate way to provide feedback on the documentation?

Here in the community pages is fine for feedback.

Thanks, @jono !

Just getting back to this. And trying to be brief.

  1. I understand that this feature now defaults to use of Category, not Description.
  2. The screenshots all demonstrate Description and none with Category.
  3. The How to Use It instructions list important setup steps, but deciding to use Categories or Descriptions is not included.
  4. The FAQ regarding this is technically correct (omit build typo), but practically confusing because it is already configured for Category.
  5. I’d appreciate more discussion in the How to Use It section regarding the choice of Categories or Descriptions, and their practical reporting implications.




Thanks for your feedback @ThriftScout.

I’ve made the sheet default to Description for new users. The switch to defaulting to Category might have been an oversight.

So new installs will now default to Description, which matches the How To Use and the Screenshots.

Both options certainly work. Starting with Description might be the better way for most people, unless they run into problems.

I’ve updated the wording in the How-To section, the FAQ section and fixed the build typo.

When possible, we try to make the sheets as flexible as possible. There really is no one right way to do it.


You guys are great!



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