Bill Payment Tracker template Added Tags to Bill Matching

I’m new here, so not sure where this should go, or if someone needs this, but I thought I’d share…

For Bill Matching, I have transactions with the same description, and I didn’t want to use Categories. So I found the Tags Report useful, as it added a new column to transactions. On the Bill Payment tracker sheet, I added “Tags” to the dropdown menu. Now it will use the Tag from the transaction page and track Last Paid and Bill History on the Bill Payment Tracker sheet.

Next, If I can automate the Tag process on the Transactions sheet.

:wave: @daniel2, welcome!

This sounds like an interesting solution. Did you have to modify any formulas or data validation to do this? Just want to make sure others find it have the info they need to make the modification.

Also, you can use AutoCat to automate the Tags process on the Transactions sheet :slight_smile: Just add a Tags column to your AutoCat rules sheet to tell it how to tag along with setting a category based on your custom criteria like Description Contains.

The dropdown menu I mentioned is at W2 (click the little pencil on the dropdown list) on the Bill Payment Tracker Sheet…this is where I added “Tags”, and yes, it opens a Data validation rules window to add to the dropdown list.

Thanks for the tip about adding a Tags column in AutoCat rules sheet! This should make everything work the way I want.