Using Tags with Auto Cat

Hello, Can you please educate me how to use Tags with Auto Cat. I created a new column in the table for Tags and when I ran the auto cat the tag didn’t populate. I verified it added the tags to the Tags report. 'm sure its user error on my part

Hmmm…Did you label the columns in both the Transaction Sheet and the Auto Cat sheet, “Tag,” or “Tags?”

I think it needs to be just, “Tag” in both to work. (Mentioning this since I made an error once and called a column, “Notes” when it could only be “Note.”)

Are you confident that what you are using in the “Description Contains” field on the Auto Cat sheet for a particular tag is actually in your Transaction sheet Description column somewhere?


Did you get this working? We did a webinar recently on tags where I demo this. Skip ahead to minute 5:10 in the video here:

The proper column is Tags in both sheets (I know that’s confusing @Brad.warren with “Note vs Notes”)


I did not get tags working with AuotCat I will be sure and check it out.
Thank you for thinking of me!

In the AutoCat rules sheet, there are essentially two types of columns:

  • Columns that Filter
  • Columns that Override

Columns that Filter must start with the exact match of a column name in the Transactions sheet. This is the column they will reference when filtering. They then must end with one of the following words to specify how they filter: “Equals”, “Contains”, “Starts With”, “Ends With”, “Max”, “Min”, “Regex”, “Polarity”. For a transaction to be processed in AutoCat, every non-blank filter column criteria must be met.

Columns that Override must start and end with the exact match of a column name in the Transactions sheet. When all filter criteria are met, all overrides are applied to the transaction in the Transactions sheet.

Long story short… if the column names don’t match exactly between the rules sheet and the Transactions sheet, the filter or override is ignored.