Bill Payment Tracker - Clearing a Bill I Am No Longer Paying


I really like the Bill Payment Tracker and am replacing my Action Items in OmniFocus. I would like the ability to end a bill cycle for a bill I no longer pay e.g. my truck loan is paid off. I do not want to delete the row because I REALLY like the Bill History Query Function so that I can look back and double check my bills.

Any recommendations?


Good question, @cas3. Just delete the content out of the green configuration cells in the Bill Setup section. Do not delete the row as this will damage the sheet (though it can always be restored using the Tiller Money Labs add-on).

Happy to hear you like the sheet!

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If you want to retain the Truck loan in the Bill History Query, the description of the truck loan would need to stay in the Bill Setup section.

You could set the 1st payment due every far (10 years?) into the future. That way it would still show up in the Bill History Query but no upcoming bills would be listed.


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