Budget and Financial Tracking System

This is my budget and financial status tracking system: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AInGh0DnXNAWMi7D9Xu-s9ke4iI-RS6W9ddvCd_Jd7o/edit#gid=443625035//template/preview

Q. What is the goal of your workflow?
A. It is a combination budget and financial status tracking system. It’s goal is to a) facilitate the control of discretionary expenditures and b) keep me informed at all times of my financial health.

Q. What problem does it solve?
A. It enables me to achieve my goal.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your workflow?
A. It started as a conventional budget, but I wanted more, so it evolved.

Q. What are the sheets included with your template?
A. It starts with the Tiller Raw Data Transactions and Balance Histories. These are brought into my 2019 Budget Transactions and Balance History sheets with the Google Sheets IMPORTRANGE function. I believe the rest of my sheets are self-explanatory, but where they’re not I’ll be pleased to answer any questions.

Q. Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow?
A. Yes.

Great contribution. Thanks! I like the dashboard view in particular.
Could you share how you proceed to download your IRA Data in an easy way?

Thanks for the vote sp107.

The IRA Data is acquired as follows:

  1. Import the Balance History from Tiller’s Raw Data with =IMPORTRANGE(Config!A5,“Balance History!A1:I3000”). (See Config tab).
  2. Create a Pivot Table from this imported Raw Data Balance History.
  3. The Daily Gain/(Loss) is a calculated column subtracting the previous day’s balance from the current day’s balance.

Hi Bill! I see that you were able to add the screenshots to your submission above. I’m going to be putting it through its paces today. Looks fantastic!

I forgot an equally important goal of my Budget and Financial Status tracking system. That is, to polish my Google Sheets skills. A lot of what appears to be redundancy isn’t. There are numerous cases where I was experimenting with different ways to do the same thing with a variety of functions and megaformulas. Examples are the different ways to calculate the Income and Expense Totals on the sheet attached hereto. This sheet was not included in my original submission. Transactions by Month