Budget Builder Budget-year Modifiers Not Updating 2021 Budget

I am trying to OVERRIDE my last year budget following your instructions to automatically update this year budget, but nothing is changing automatically in my 2021 grid. Any thoughts?

Did you add in the formulas that link your Budget Builder contents into your Categories sheet, @ecag?

Are you using the Savings Budget? (If you are, the Savings Budget will overwrite the formulas with values in the Categories sheet when you run the Budget Update workflow.)

When you say formula if you are referring this to… (To map these budget values into your Categories sheet, enter this formula into the top left cell in the Categories sheet for your budget year. E.g. if your 1/1/21 budget header is in cell G1, insert this formula in G2:

=iferror(offset('Budget Builder'!$AX$7,match($A2,'Budget Builder'!$C$7:$C,0)-1,match(G$1,'Budget Builder'!$AX$2:$BI$2,0)-1))

If you are in a column other than, G, be sure to change the “G$1” reference in the MATCH() formula.)

then I HAVE NOT yet… as I was first trying to get the budget builder to work…

and I am NOT using Savings Budget anywhere

Thanks for advising back on this as it looks like exactly what I need

That formula is the key to making the Budget Builder budget values live in your Categories sheet, @ecag.

Let me know if it works for you.

One of us is not understanding… my issue is not that the results from the budget isn’t transferring to the category tab… I have not gotten there yet… What I am saying is that on the budget builder sheet by itself… the formula that should REDUCE the 2021 budget because I am choosing REMOVE 2020 on the modified section of budget builder is NOT working.
thanks for the assistance

Got you, @ecag… that is indeed a different problem.

  • Do you have the checkbox set in column Z (this allows you to enable and disable adjustments)?
  • And you have “Remove (2020)” set in column AC?
  • And values in AE:AP that roll up to a total in AD?
  • And a category assigned in AB?

If all of the above are set properly, you should see that net change between “2020” AR and “2021” AS.

I did what you said and I am not seeing the change

I broke the formulas down and found the problem and got it to work.
for some reason budget builder was looking at the wrong category column on my categories sheet.
i made the change.
Working now

Wow. Impressive debug. Do you mean the lookup in BM5? Or the budget month references?

Do you think the issue is due to a flaw in the sheet or a change you made (e.g. deleted a row) that damaged the original content?

I do not recall ever changing the category sheet so that would lead me to believe the formula was pointing to the wrong place, but if it is working for everyone else, maybe there is something unique on my end. Either way… I have it fully working now and i tied the budget back to the categories tab which is working too … the entire solution is great. Thanks.

I’m glad you persevered and are appreciating the solution, @ecag. I built it for myself— it’s how I think about our family budget— and then I decided I may as well share it. In hindsight, the approach feels a little wonky and unintuitive (i.e. if you don’t think about budgeting the exact same way as me)… so it makes me really happy to hear that it has helped you budget.

Sorry about the hassle with the column reference? I’m haven’t heard about that issue before but if someone else has it I will try to run it down in the template master.