Budget Builder Formula in Comment Needs to Update Due to Logo Insertion

The formula in the comment in cell AY:7 needs to be updated in the Budget Builder since the logo is in column A.

The correct formula should reference column D not C.

=iferror(offset('Budget Builder'!$AX$7,match($A2,'Budget Builder'!$D$7:$D,0)-1,match(G$1,'Budget Builder'!$AX$2:$BI$2,0)-1))
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First, I love that you use the Budget Builder, @yossiea. That template was just a personal sheet that I thought I’d share without too much refinement on UX or instructions. It makes me happy that it is useful— and intelligible!— to others.

Second, thanks for the clear and specific instructions on the fix. Makes the update easy and fast. I put a little shoutout to you in the changelog.

Should be updated in the add-on.

Thanks, I started using it a few days ago to prepare for 2022. To be honest, the “add/remove” took some brain power to decipher but I really like the sheet. I have several discretionary categories that I can zero out or drastically lower in 2022 and this sheet helps figure out how to budget a bit more efficiently. This will help when I view the category sheet and see how my expenses went down from year to year, both in actual and in budget mode.

I’m glad to hear that.

The sheet makes sense to me (because it is how I think) and I depend on it… but I never really put in the time to make it easier and more familiar to new users. I’m glad to hear that you’ve figured it out and found value in the features & tools.