Can I add an Account # column to AutoCat sheet

Hello. I hope you’re well today.

Can I add a new column to the AutoCat sheet? I want to add an “Account #” column.

Thank you.

Greg Corning

Yes. If it is named “Account #”, then it would overwrite the Transactions sheet column with the AutoCat text.

If you want to filter based on Account #, then consider appending a supported filter criteria suffix.

Filter Criteria Suffixes
For a column to function as a filter criteria, it must end in one of the following keywords:
“Equals” - text equals entire rule string exactly
“Contains” - text contains rule string
“Starts With” - text starts with rule string
“Ends With” - text ends with rule string
“Max” - value is less than or equal to rule value
“Min” - value is greater than or equal to rule value
“Polarity” - value is zero or positive if rule string is “positive”, value is negative if rule string is “negative”
“Regex” - supports regex commands.