Can I add an Account # column to AutoCat sheet

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Can I add a new column to the AutoCat sheet? I want to add an “Account #” column.

Thank you.

Greg Corning

Yes. If it is named “Account #”, then it would overwrite the Transactions sheet column with the AutoCat text.

If you want to filter based on Account #, then consider appending a supported filter criteria suffix.

Filter Criteria Suffixes
For a column to function as a filter criteria, it must end in one of the following keywords:
“Equals” - text equals entire rule string exactly
“Contains” - text contains rule string
“Starts With” - text starts with rule string
“Ends With” - text ends with rule string
“Max” - value is less than or equal to rule value
“Min” - value is greater than or equal to rule value
“Polarity” - value is zero or positive if rule string is “positive”, value is negative if rule string is “negative”
“Regex” - supports regex commands.

Thank you for your help a while ago.
I’ve tried to create a column pair in the AutoCat sheet with one titled “Notes Contains” and the adjacent one to the right titled simply “Notes”.
The “Notes Contains” is probably not necessary; I’m not likely to search on the data in the Notes field.

What I wanted was to find transactions with certain data in the Description field and when the criteria are met (which happens to be a merchant name), automatically enter “Acupuncture” in the Notes field.

It hasn’t worked yet. Do you think there’s a way to make this work?

Thank you.

This can definitely work.

I would first recommend changing your Transactions sheet column to use Note (not Notes), since other tools/solutions will use Note. But, if you used Notes (plural) in both Transactions and AutoCat sheets, that wouldn’t explain why it is not working for you - the names just need to match in both sheets.

If it doesn’t appear to be working, then my guess is there is an AutoCat rule higher in the list that is getting used instead (processing stops on the first match), or your rule search criteria is not being met. If you have multiple search criteria, like multiple *Contains, they all have to match - it’s ANDing, not ORing.

Description Contains Note
merchant Acupuncture

When Description contains merchant, write Acupuncture in Note field.

You have identified one problem for certain- the Transactions sheet column title is singular “Note” and I had the AutoCat sheet column labeled plural “Notes”. I’ve fixed that now and when I get some data to add I’ll see if that resolves the problem.
Thank you.

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Is there a filter criteria for “Not Equals”? I want to exclude transactions from a specific account, without having to add every other account number except that one… (I have a lot of account numbers)

Try this, replacing the account number with the one you want excluded:

Account # Regex